Our Best Insights on RIAs and Alternative Investments

by Scott Smith

As we continue to review offerings aimed at registered investment advisor distribution, and add more RIAs to our stable of customized consulting clients (read about new partnerships with Independent Financial Partners here and Mirae Asset Wealth Management here), I’ve been asked to compile of[...]

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Effectively Assessing Sponsor Prior Performance: Part 2

by Kemp H. Hanley

In a previous post, we looked at the challenges in assessing a sponsor’s track record, and regulatory and industry approaches to promoting consistent and accurate prior performance information. Today, we’ll discuss strategies for how to interpret sponsor track record information, including what[...]

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Effectively Assessing Sponsor Prior Performance: Part 1

by Kemp H. Hanley

Ultimately, an assessment of an investment sponsor’s track record is about answering the question, has the sponsor done what they said they were going to do? This straightforward inquiry sounds like it should inspire an equally simple answer. 

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How RIAs Warming to Annuities Could Be a Positive Sign for Distribution of Alts

by Scott Smith

The other day, I was reading an article on RIABiz that’s worth discussing here on FactRight’s blog, as it hits on themes that are analogous to alternatives investments, even though it’s not an article about alternatives at all.

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Reg A+ Quarter 4 Overview: Waiting for Legislative Upgrades

by Brandon Raatikka

After the second quarter posted the lowest number of new issuance qualifications during a quarter since Regulation A was reformed, qualifications bounced back in the third and fourth quarters. Overall, 2018 had the same number of Reg A+ qualifications (not used for merger or other limited[...]

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Interval Fund Market: 2018 in Review

by Jacob Mohs

The interval fund market reached new heights in 2018, setting records for total net assets and new fund launches. This post will examine key metrics from last year that illustrate the growing popularity of the space with managers and investors.

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Can Vertical Capital Make Its Liquidity Great Again?

by Jacob Heidkamp

Recently, Vertical Capital Income Fund filed a definitive proxy through which the board of directors is seeking shareholder approval for eliminating the fund’s fundamental policy of making quarterly repurchase offers for a minimum of 5% of the total outstanding shares at NAV. This post will[...]

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Fees and Metrics for DST Offerings in 2018

by Brandon Raatikka

Real estate-related Delaware statutory trust offerings raised nearly $2.5 billion in 2018, one of the strongest annual tallies in the 1031 retail syndication market’s 15+ year history, according to Mountain Dell Consulting. In the past year, FactRight has reviewed a great deal of these offerings[...]

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Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments Explained in One Chart

by Russell Putnam

This morning the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury were scheduled to hold a public hearing regarding the proposed Treasury Regulations on investment in qualified opportunity zone funds. However, the IRS cancelled today’s public hearing because of the ongoing Federal government shutdown.[...]

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Top 10 FactRight Blog Posts in 2018

by FactRight, LLC

This time of year, we feel like Santa’s elves, working cheerfully in the due diligence workshop and advising clients as 2018 comes to a close. So it’s time to share our most popular blog posts on alternative investments from the past year, in case you missed any. The list includes:

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