How Distribution Waterfall Structures Affect Investor Returns in Private Placements: Part 2

by Gail Schneck

In our last post, we looked at how the nuances of seemingly straightforward distribution waterfalls in private investment programs can materially impact investor returns. 

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How Distribution Waterfall Structures Affect Investor Returns in Private Placements: Part 1

by Gail Schneck

The key attributes of a distribution waterfall that determine investor returns for a private investment program might appear self-evident on first blush. However, they are open to misinterpretation on closer inspection. In this post, we’ll walk through a few of the most important structural[...]

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FactRight Hires Kevin Kirkeby to Meet Growing Demand for Alternative Investment Due Diligence

by FactRight

FactRight, LLC (FactRight), an expert diligence, support and training solutions service for firms and advisors looking for greater success with alternative investments, announced today that Kevin Kirkeby has joined the company as FactRight’s tenth analyst.

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Three Ways to Stay Informed on Alternative Investments

by Leah Berend

We’re excited to announce the launch of FactRight’s newenhanced Report Center website 

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What FactRight's Reading

by FactRight, LLC

Are you looking for a page turner for your summer getaway? Perhaps a resource to help deepen your financial or business acumen? We surveyed our staff on what they’ve recently read or are currently digesting, whether they pertain to alternative investments or not. Read on for our recommendations[...]

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Interact with FactRight's DST Database

by Brandon Raatikka

In the past, we’ve covered key metrics from the Delaware statutory trust investment programs we’ve reviewed for clients over the past several years. Today, we’re excited to post our most current DST fee and program data in an interactive format.

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The IPA's Latest Conversation on DST/1031 Investment Programs

by Brandon Raatikka


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Wildfires Impact Interval Funds : A 2019 Q1 Update

by Jacob Mohs

This post is your guide to the interval fund market's key 2019 Q1 metrics and what's been impacting them—including natural disasters.

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Second Round of Regulations Add Some Clarity Around Qualified Opportunity Fund Investments

by Russell Putnam

Last week, the IRS and Department of Treasury released a second round of proposed regulations on investments in qualified opportunity zone funds (QOFs). The proposed regulations clarify requirements that were not addressed in the initial proposed regulations released in October 2018. The IRS and[...]

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Our Best Insights on RIAs and Alternative Investments

by Scott Smith

As we continue to review offerings aimed at registered investment advisor distribution, and add more RIAs to our stable of customized consulting clients (read about new partnerships with Independent Financial Partners here and Mirae Asset Wealth Management here), I’ve been asked to compile of[...]

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