Can UPREITs Allow You To Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax Indefinitely?

by Gail Schneck

FactRight is seeing a trend in non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) that are seeking to diversify their funding sources by offering 1031 exchange investment opportunities with the potential to be UPREITed into the sponsoring REIT at some later date. The UPREIT transaction would be[...]

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At The Center Of It All: The Pro Forma Model

by Kevin Kirkeby

As far as true confessions go, this is rather lightweight: I love spreadsheets and financial models. There’s something about the designing, linking and debugging that is satisfying, even after several decades. There are always new analytic approaches and different formulas, not to mention Excel[...]

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Private Placement Due Diligence - Evaluating Alignment of Interests in Private Investment Programs

by Russell Putnam

Broker-dealers and RIAs need to have a robust due diligence process to satisfy regulatory requirements and make informed investment decisions with respect to private placements. And let’s face it, thorough due diligence of private placements does not always take a straightforward route.[...]

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Due Diligence Does Not End at the Signing of the Selling Agreement

by Kemp H. Hanley

I’ve always been a big proponent of ongoing due diligence coverage on direct participation programs. Back when I was an assistant portfolio manager for a large mutual fund company, our coverage of a company certainly didn’t stop after the buy trade was processed. Later, as a product sponsor in[...]

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FactRight's Kathryn Stephany Promoted to General Counsel

by Jessica Ryan

FactRight is pleased to announce the promotion of Kathryn Stephany to General Counsel. In her expanded role, Kate will oversee FactRight's legal, IT, and HR departments while leading and supporting FactRight's operational due diligence engagements.

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Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Responsibility—So You’re Saying There’s a Chance!

by Russell Putnam

Today, we’re talking about a place where the due diligence knowledge flows like wine, where the RIAs instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. Are we talking about a little place called Aspen? No. We’re talking about the Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Responsibility—Research and Due[...]

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FactRight Appoints Gail Schneck CEO, Announces Ownership Changes

by FactRight

FactRight is pleased to announce that key members of our senior management team have purchased the company. The new owners are also assuming new leadership roles within the company:

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Kevin Kirkeby Promoted to Manager

by FactRight

FactRight is pleased to announce the promotion of Kevin Kirkeby to Manager. In his expanded role, Kevin will oversee ongoing coverage of public, non-traded program reporting, while continuing to support FactRight’s new offering engagements.

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Why Force Majeure is Impacting Alternative Investments to Industry Events

by Kate Stephany

Trigger warning: use of the phrase "unprecedented times." Remember precedented times? Yeah, me neither.

You were all set to go to that due diligence meeting or industry conference in March or April. Plane and hotel booked. Then, it all changed. I bet that until mid-March, you never thought about[...]

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Additional Relief for Qualified Opportunity Funds and their Investors

by Russell Putnam

A few weeks ago we posted about Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs) in a COVID-19 World. We covered capital raise considerations, due diligence questions, and steps that the Federal government has taken to support QOFs and QOF investors. Last week the IRS released Notice 2020-39, which provides[...]

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