Highlight Reel from FactRight’s 2024 RIA Spring Due Diligence Conference

by Kate Stephany

With March Madness upon us, what better way to celebrate then to recap some of the shining moments that happened at the FactRight RIA Spring Due Diligence Conference—and what a conference it was! 

We say it every time but THANK YOU!! Again, this conference was our largest! A sold-out capacity crowd! The FactRight staff cannot be more grateful for your support and appreciate those who could join us. If you couldn't make it this time, we hope to see you soon!


 Here are some highlights from last week:


  • Almost 450 industry professionals and wealth managers arrived at the Scottsdale Plaza, where FactRight’s co-president, Russell Putnam, welcomed us with an NCAA March Madness Selection Show. Did you know that Russ creates the opening video for each conference? For anyone curious, the FactRight Madness Due Diligence Championship trophy found its way back to Russ’s desk.
  • A special shoutout to Gail Schneck, chief executive officer, for her opening statements and Go Blue Devils.



  • Next, FactRight co-president and master of the sky hook, Jake Heidkamp, rounded out the starting lineup to provide an update on market conditions, which set an excellent foundation for our following presentations. If you liked what you heard and would like regular updates on significant events for alternative programs and other industry news, sign up to request Jake's Weekly Updates straight to your inbox here.


  • FactRight extended at-large bids for 29 product sponsors to take the FactRight stage, representing a variety of structures and strategies. Thank you to those product sponsors and the other 30-plus exhibit and amenity sponsors who rounded out our conference field.
  • But what would a FactRight Conference be without a little due diligence? FactRight’s team of analysts also led our RIA attendees through closed-door analysis sessions addressing some of the material considerations of each of the products presented. While the Conference reached the end of its run, FactRight’s roster is available anytime to assist you with your due diligence of alternative investments. Wealth managers can also check out FactRight’s due diligence reports anytime on the FactRight Report Center.
  • Thank you to the RIA panel participants for your thoughtful insights for RIA's to consider while doing business in alternatives. We'd like to recognize and thank Sean O'Toole at 1776 Wealth, Fred Baerenz at AOG Wealth Management, David Johan at Doceo Wealth, and Adam Kipnes from Charles Schwab for joining us on stage. (Considering this happened about mid-day on Tuesday, should we consider this the halftime show?) 
  • Conference happy hours (or fifth quarters in some parts) in the beautiful courtyard featured networking and whiskey and local wine tastings! Thank you to Phoenix American and Urban Catalyst for sponsoring such enjoyable evenings.


  • By the time the buzzer sounded, we experienced:  
    • 171 wealth managers
    • 64 presenting, exhibit, and amenity sponsors
    • 36 industry participants
    • 2 beer burros 
    • 1 educational panel
    • 0 regrets
  • When's the next conference? We hope to see you all (and more!) at our Fall Due Diligence Conference, which will be held September 11 - 13 in Nashville, TN. What should our theme be in Nashville?


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