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Is the Conservation Purpose Protected in Perpetuity?

by Russell Putnam

Under the Internal Revenue Code, to be deductible, a conservation easement must be made exclusively for conservation purposes, which requires that the conservation purpose of the easement must be protected in perpetuity. This means that restrictions on the use of the property will run with the[...]

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Dr. Glenn Mueller's 2Q Real Estate Cycle Monitor

by Dr. Glenn Mueller

With FactRight’s annual conference just around the corner, we thought we’d tease some of this year’s content by posting the latest real estate analysis from conference speaker Dr. Glenn Mueller. We’re excited for Dr. Mueller to share his insights with this year’s attendees. Dr. Mueller is[...]

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Peer Comparisons for Non-traded REITs and BDCs

by Kemp H. Hanley

One of the most common lines of inquiry we get from clients is how particular investment programs they have, or may be considering for their platform, stack up against similar programs, or more broadly, of all of the alternative investment options of a particular class or type, which ones[...]

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Why Rising Interest Rates Aren't Fatal to Commercial Real Estate Returns

by Brandon Raatikka

It’s understandable that private real estate investors would be sensitive to the relationship between interest rates and commercial property. Cap rates for many asset types are near all-time lows, and the Fed is eyeing more rate hikes in the short term. We share the concerns of many in the[...]

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Sharpen Your Analysis of Programs Involving Conservation Easements

by Russell Putnam

As I’ll describe in this post, I’ve been busy this week helping to educate our clients on how conservation easements work in land investment programs, and I'd like to share some resources that may advance your understanding of these programs. 

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Reg A+ Quarter 2 Overview: High (and Low) Times

by Brandon Raatikka

A few months ago, we wrote that Regulation A was at a crossroads—SEC qualification activity of Reg A+ deals was at an all-time high, and while regulators were tinkering with ways to increase use of the exemption, issuer scandals were calling Reg A+’s long term viability into question. 

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Drilling Down on Mineral Valuations in Conservation Easement Programs

by Russell Putnam

Over the last few years, FactRight has reviewed a number of investment programs that offer investors a mining or conservation easement strategy. Specifically, investors could elect to cause the investment program to mine an underlying property for minerals, such as granite or limestone, which[...]

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Why Onsite Visits are Essential for Sponsor Due Diligence

by Kemp H. Hanley

As an indispensable part of FactRight’s operational due diligence, one or two FactRight team members sit down with management face-to-face at their corporate headquarters. Others on the review team may join the meeting via Skype. We could easily cover the content of these interviews by phone or[...]

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Meet the FactRight Team - Brandon Raatikka

by Brandon Raatikka

For today’s Meet the Team post, we’ll profile Brandon Raatikka, FactRight’s resident historian.

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Notes on American Finance Trust's Trading Activity

by Jacob Heidkamp

On July 19, American Finance Trust, Inc. listed on the NASDAQ exchange (under the symbol “AFIN”). Since listing, the shares have traded in a range of approximately $13 to $17 per share., which represents a steep discount to both net asset value (NAV) per share and book value per share[...]

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