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Reads on ICOs from around the web

by Brandon Raatikka

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are being heralded as Crowdfunding 2.0, but that could be understating the case. So far in 2017, 200 issuances have raised approximately $3 billion, which dwarfs the amount raised under all Titles of the Jobs Act (including the technically-minted crowdfunding under[...]

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Make Capital Markets Great Again?

by Jacob Mohs

One thing I've noticed about dramatic news out of Washington these days is that it’s often really just the President or Congress uttering platitudes and then telling someone to write a report on something.  Although the initial headlines are usually misleadingly sensational, the subsequent[...]

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The SEC Regulates Valuation Expert as Investment Adviser

by Brandon Raatikka

A couple weeks ago, the SEC announced a settlement with a financial services valuation firm and a former employee of the firm over charges the SEC brought under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 through cease-and-desist proceedings. In the process, the SEC showed that it can use the Advisers[...]

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Signs of Fall: Football, Daylight Savings, and Drilling Programs

by Russell Putnam

As the leaves start to change colors this fall, we have many things to look forward to, including the rest of the football season, daylight savings time, apple picking, and of course…..reviewing oil and gas drilling programs! The primary reason that oil and gas drilling programs are so prevalent[...]

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Can Third Party Evolve Into Your Party?

by Scott Smith

Third party due diligence has evolved into a critical component in the distribution of alternative investments over the past decade. Prior to the Great Recession, third party reports were helpful in the review of products, but the regulatory examiners had yet to require these reports in the[...]

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What Krueger v. Ameriprise Means for Investment Platforms

by Russell Putnam

We’re still talking here at FactRight about Professor Mercer Bullard’s presentation about the DOL Fiduciary Rule at our due diligence conference a couple weeks ago. Professor Bullard thoughtfully explored what provisions of the impartial conduct standards broker dealers ought to pay particular[...]

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A Closer Look at Griffin Capital’s BDC/Credit Fund Reorganization

by Jacob Mohs

On September 18, 2017, shareholders in the BDC formerly known Griffin-Benefit Street Partners BDC Corp. (now known as Griffin Capital BDC Corp.), approved the company’s interval fund reorganization plan by a wide margin. Once this transaction is complete, the investors in the BDC will hold Class[...]

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How to Read a Financial Statement [VIDEO]

by Chari Graham

In this video, FactRight’s Chari Graham takes you through performing a financial statement analysis.

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Highlights from FactRight’s Fourth Annual Due Diligence Conference

by Brandon Raatikka

We’d like to thank our broker dealer and registered investment clients, as well as the sponsors, for making this year’s FactRight Due Diligence Conference—held last week at the Westin Edina Galleria—our finest yet. As the FactRight staff recovers from busy weeks of preparation and putting on the[...]

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Top Considerations for Analyzing Master Lease Structures in DST Programs

by Brandon Raatikka

The Delaware statutory trust (DST) structure for real estate syndications qualifying for section 1031 tax exchanges effectively requires the use of master leases for certain kinds of asset classes. Given that fact, and because IRS guidance limits how they can be structured so as to avoid[...]

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