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Meet the FactRight Team – Leah Berend

by Leah Berend

FactRight’s team is full of talented people, bringing a diverse set of perspectives to bear on the issues that professionals and their clients confront in the alternative investment space. Over the next several weeks on this blog, we’ll talk to FactRight staff about the roles they play at[...]

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FactRight’s Take on American Realty Capital New York City REIT’s Proxy Proposals

by Jacob Heidkamp

American Realty Capital New York City REIT, Inc. (ARC NYC) recently put forth a slate of proxy proposals seeking to amend its charter. Some of the proposals would impact key shareholder protections and rights contained in the charter. FactRight has analyzed these proxy proposals in light of[...]

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What’s in Your EBITDA?

by Jacob Mohs

EBITDA is a controversial financial metric widely used in the private equity and leveraged credit space. One would think the calculation of EBITDA would be straightforward—it’s right there in the name: “Earnings Before Taxes Interest Depreciation and Amortization.” Yet when credit markets are[...]

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Get More Out of Property Visits for DSTs and Other Real Estate Programs

by Brandon Raatikka

Physically inspecting the underlying real estate before making investment recommendations to clients is important for many reasons. Visits can allow you to verify sponsor disclosures about the property and location, identify risks relating to neighborhood trends, and observe the condition and[...]

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Interval Fund Space Becomes More Crowded As It Expands

by Jacob Mohs

Interval fund AUM continues to grow. Total interval fund net assets equaled $21.2 billion as of the most recent public filings, up 58% compared to the prior year, and 7% compared to the prior quarter.

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What FactRight Does for Fun in Minnesota

by Brandon Raatikka

It’s late April, which means the Annual Thaw is on here in Minneapolis.   

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Find Clarity Around Private Direct Participation Programs

by Russell Putnam

Last December, we began a 5-part blog series to bring greater understanding to the regulations, risks and due diligence considerations relating to private placements. These proved to be very popular posts, as an increasing number of advisors are appreciating the role that private direct[...]

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An Unfortunate Reminder of the Importance of Sponsor Succession Plans

by Kate Stephany

Earlier this week, Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. (PAC), a notable issuer in the alternative securities industry, unexpectedly lost its founder, chief executive officer, and chairman John Williams. Mr. Williams was known to many in the business, although his influence extended far outside[...]

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Reg A+ at a Crossroads

by Brandon Raatikka

The most recently quarterly results show that the Reg A+ space has never been more active. In the first quarter of 2018, the SEC qualified new Tier 2 offerings for 26 issuers. Since the end of 2015, when rules enhancing Regulation A went into effect, 157 Tier 2 offerings (not including those[...]

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The Masters: A Customer Experience Unlike Any Other

by Scott Smith

Golf fans around the world spent last Sunday afternoon glued to their TVs to watch the best golfers in the world vie for the sacred green jacket. The green jacket is awarded by Augusta National Golf Club each year to winner of its Masters Tournament. On Sunday, hard-charging Jordan Spieth (who[...]

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