Our Best Insights on RIAs and Alternative Investments

by Scott Smith

As we continue to review offerings aimed at registered investment advisor distribution, and add more RIAs to our stable of customized consulting clients (read about new partnerships with Independent Financial Partners here and Mirae Asset Wealth Management here), I’ve been asked to compile of some of our recent blog posts on RIAs and their use of alternative investments:

  • The Alternative Investment Imperative for RIAs, written by guest author Daniel Wildermuth, makes the compelling case that it is critical RIAs be able to access alternatives for their clients in an era of declining value creation through public markets.
  • What We’re Learning About RIAs and Alternative Investments, parts I and II share our views from the road. The market will remain inefficient for a while, and is in need of education and operational solutions in particular. RIAs already doing business with alternative investments have done just enough to address the issues, but they need ongoing support. Many are looking for a curated platform of options, but have little idea where to start or how to get in touch with the right sponsors/managers. RIAs not using alts today are becoming aware that sooner or later, these investments may be indispensable for their practice.

We are drawing upon the insight described in these posts and others to better serve our clients—broker-dealers, and increasingly, RIAs and other wealth advisors. We’ll continue to share with you what we’re learning through this blog.

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