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IPA Discussion All About DSTs

by Brandon Raatikka

FactRight’s own Jake Heidkamp moderated the latest installment of the Investment Program Association’s Direct Insights Call Series: Leveraging 1031 Exchanges to Enhance Tax Advantage Returns, held last Thursday.  

Representatives of two of the largest syndicators of real estate through Delaware statutory trusts joined Jake in discussing all things DSTs: Warren Thomas, CPA, founding member of ExchangeRight Real Estate, and Rahul Sehgal, chief investment officer of Inland Private Capital Corporation.

The complete recording here on the IPA’s website covers the panelists’ thoughts on timely and critical topics related to 1031 syndications:

  • Impact of tax reform on real estate investing through 1031 exchanges into DST
  • Benefits and drawbacks of the DST structure, including the master lease
  • The real differences between double net and triple net leases (with examples)
  • How sponsors structure deals and debt to overcome load
  • Cash out refinancing

As that last topic is creating a lot of buzz in the industry, look for a post on this blog addressing cash out refinancing soon.


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