How We Help RIAs Offer Alternative Investments to Clients - A Case Study

by Scott Smith

Recently, we took a look at how FactRight is helping Kalos Financial, a broker dealer active in alts, with its due diligence and compliance needs related to 1031 exchange programs. Today, we’re share another brief case study of an RIA that needed critical help in creating an alts platform under a fee-based model, and how FactRight is providing a turn-key solution.   

The RIA’s challenge

BCJ Financial, a registered investment advisor firm, had always operated with an independent broker dealer, which restricted the firm to the offerings in the BD’s catalog. The company wanted to switch to a fee-based approach to alternatives rather than a front-loaded, commission approach to better meet client needs. Given the scrutiny RIAs are under, BCJ also wanted a compliance-centric program. However, the commitment needed to achieve these goals made them seem out of reach. The company needed this type of opportunity simplified for them, not by them.

What FactRight brought to the table

FactRight worked with BCJ collaboratively, providing analysis and insight into alternatives based on client goals and investor interests to develop an accentuated platform of offerings.

FactRight also provided comprehensive compliance education, including exams and certifications, so that BCJ’s entire organization is thoroughly versed in the new products and comfortable with its compliance requirements.

The client impact for BJC

BCJ’s partnership with FactRight is opening doors to service its high-net-worth investors by having suitable alternatives readily available for them.

Also, by replacing its fragmented diligence, compliance, and product training with one system, BCJ is saving its advisors time and money. Having everything in one place allows the firm to better position it and its clients for success.

With its team with a dozen years of experience in alternative investments, FactRight is a gateway to alternative offerings. More than just a third-party due diligence service, FactRight partners with RIAs to provide a full suite of solutions that enhance the RIA business model and improve advisor credibility.

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