How to Get the Most Out of Onsite Visits [VIDEO]

by Chari Graham

At FactRight, we believe that onsite visits are critically important to our due diligence process. That is why we conduct an onsite visit in virtually all of our due diligence projects. Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure an effective onsite visit.

Show Up  

What does that mean? It means being on time, being prepared, and eliminating any distractions such as laptops or cell phones.  

Set an Agenda 

The second item to make an effective onsite visit is to set and send the agenda ahead of time. It should clearly note: 

  • Time of arrival 
  • Who you will be speaking with 
  • Different topics you will be covering 

If you have an agenda prepared ahead of time, the risk of your host hijacking the meeting will diminish.  


The most important aspect of an onsite visit is to listen. This means that you are not talking too much. You are asking questions, specifically open-ended questions, and are looking for nonverbal cues. For example, if you ask a question and sense a general unease, take a mental note, and go back later to look into that area a little further. 

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