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What FactRight Does for Fun in Minnesota

by Brandon Raatikka

It’s late April, which means the Annual Thaw is on here in Minneapolis.   

Snowblowers and shovels have been tucked toward the back of garages (but they’re not completely inaccessible, just in case…), and there are even a few lakes around that you probably shouldn’t drive your car onto anymore. Residents have enjoyed short sleeve temperatures (35 degrees and up) for almost a week now.

So, what do we at FactRight like to do for fun here this time of year, with the state fair still so many months away? How can we keep up with the hottest local trend in corporate team building? And if we want to continue reveling in Team USA’s (well, really, Team Minnesota’s) recent Winter Olympic triumphs? What if we can’t say goodbye to the ice just yet?

Obviously, we go curling.


Scroll down for photographic highlights of our recent trip to the Chaska Curling Center, which is home to the largest curling membership in the country. And we discovered why—not only does the attached bar, which shares a massive transparent glass wall with the rink, serve the curlers on the sheet—the curling staff are true professionals (and some even former Olympians). Howard and the team gave us an outstanding tutorial to bring us up to speed and playing “chess on ice” in no time. (Here’s the 2-minute version.) We’re happy to have transplanted this Scottish game to the Bold North.  

And while we can’t necessarily expect a similarly winter experience for those of you who attend FactRight’s Fifth Annual Due Diligence Conference here in Minneapolis on October 3-5, we’ll be sure to do something just as fun and thoroughly Minnesotan as what’s captured in the pictures below.


 Practicing our throws

 so many adv-1

So many advanced degrees, so little coordination.


Coaxing the stone into the house.


Scott Smith, our skip.


Gail’s a natural.

 Score 2-1

Score two for yellow.


Surveying the sheet.


We all made the podium.

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