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Find Clarity Around Private Direct Participation Programs

by Russell Putnam

Last December, we began a 5-part blog series to bring greater understanding to the regulations, risks and due diligence considerations relating to private placements. These proved to be very popular posts, as an increasing number of advisors are appreciating the role that private direct participation programs can play in enhancing and diversifying the portfolios of their high net worth clients.

Given the resonance of the topics, we are pleased to announce that we have published our insights from the blog series in one cohesive whitepaper on private DPPs.

The whitepaper covers critical due diligence items, customary fee structures, and risk management best practices for private placement investment. The whitepaper’s insights will help you better evaluate the DPPs you can use to elevate the value you bring to your clients’ portfolios.

We invite you to Download Our Free Private Direct Participation Programs Whitepaper now.

We view educational content initiatives like this one on private DPPs as a part of our quest to create clarity out of the complexity of alternative investments. We optimally fulfill this mandate to our clients through our True Diligence platform. True Diligence by FactRight is designed to put the winning combination of high quality customized data, product support and training services to work for you, so that you can best advise clients on alternative investments.


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